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VIP is currently worth it for a little while until you collect everything then there is little reason to keep it going.
And it is also frustrating to spend so much on VIP and then be asked to pay a _lot_ extra for things like new planeswalkers or the Nantuko Monastery.

What I would like is that the levels of VIP add an extra discount to EVERYTHING including money prices.

The first 2 types of VIP could give 5% discount plus your tier. (which is always 1 for the first one) so someone with the 2nd VIP sub who'd gotten to tier 4 would have a 9% discount off everything.
The highest VIP should give 10% discount plus your tier. Yes, at it's highest, after 1 full year of subscribing that'd be 22% off everything including cash prices, but think about how much guaranteed money you are getting for that year.

This would encourage people to stay subscribed even when they aren't getting an immediate benefit. (Like me right now. I have VIP but haven't been able to afford some of the current deals even though I wanted them too. I could afford Ayula but not Nantuko or Wrenn.)

I think this would help both the company and the players in the long run.



  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,619 Chairperson of the Boards
    Currently (for a while) I've been in the position where VIP isn't giving me much, I have over 40 boosters that aren't worth opening till new sets rotate for example.

    Meanwhile new planeswalkers and exclusives get released and cost the full amount and I could be spending my money on that instead of VIP. I have only this _limited_ amount I can spend on the game, but I'm forced into a decision of how to spend it.

    What _you_ really want is for VIP to be a no-brainer and the exclusives and PWs to want me to stretch (just a little bit!) to put slightly more money in.

    So... My suggestion to keep people on VIP and to keep a bit of money coming in on top is...

    At VIP tier 5+ you get a 20% discount on ALL items in the store of all currency types including real money.
    At VIP tier 10+ this becomes a 50% discount.

    This becomes a real driver to get to VIP tier 10 which guarantees you longterm income, but drops the prices of extra stuff enough to tempt me to buy them still.

    I think it's better for both customers _and_ the company than the current arrangement.

    My current choice situation of keep VIP _or_ buy PWs is very bad for everyone in the longrun.

    @Brigby this is an older post so I wanted to draw your attention to it directly so it doesn't get lost behind the scenes.


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    Given the announced changes to VIP this becomes even more relevant.
    There is NOT a benefit in staying VIP longterm if you have a full collection.

    Basically I want the deck slots still but I'm missing out hugely but not having spare money to buy the new Planeswalkers on top, and not being able to craft Vanguard....

    VIP needs _something_ to make holding onto it long term viable.
    If you are determined to stop other people crafting vanguards maybe the only thing of value is ...
    Let people of Tier 6 craft Rare Vanguards and let people of tier 12 craft Mythic Vanguards.

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    @Oktagon_Support Given the current relevance I wanted to make sure this constructive post wasn't lost in the noise or the past.
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    I dropped VIP long ago and will not be signing up again, but still this make a lot of sense. I am very much in favor of taking care of the VIP crowd. My HOPE is that the money they spend is getting reinvested into this game. So, rather than try to find ways to "nerf" VIP, maybe there should be a serious effort to retain them long term. These suggestions would be a great start. 
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    Dropped from Master to Pro because of the pack nerfing. 
  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,619 Chairperson of the Boards
    Dropped from Master to Pro because of the pack nerfing. 

    I'm trying to work out what to do myself and honestly the _only_ thing I'm currently going to regret losing are the deck slots! And that's really crazy that there's nothing else motivating me at all...

    I'm currently leaning to a similar action to yours.
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