What are some other games/apps you would recommend?

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  • Laeuftbeidir
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    starfall said:
    If you find any other mobile games worth playing, send us a PM

    (Because, of course they ban us from even mentioning the names of other games here).
    Well.. I couldn't stardew think about any valley.. Err.. Game I'd like to spend my time with. That's so infinitode to ask!
  • Mburn7
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    Can't believe you're leaving @Laeuftbeidir, you've been a force here since pretty much the beginning.
    Whats even sadder is that I've seen a half dozen top players completely quit too, for pretty much the exact same reasons.  Hell, I've almost quite for those reasons.

    I didn't even see this kind of exodus when there was literally no dev team.  Can't believe its worse now that we have one but boy is it a close one.  The game itself is much better than it used to be, but the background stuff is so bad nobody cares anymore.

    I'm feeling very Hollow inside reading these posts toNight, and I really hope Oktagon manages to Slay the Spire of issues with the game and let us all be happy again.
  • madwren
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    I've tried a few miscellaneous games, with grisly results except for one series that I spend most of my time on. MTGPQ is a relatively unique experience. A shame.