New covers in card packs?

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IceIX wrote:
Comic Store
    - Added all currently available Covers to each default Comic Pack.

Has anyone pulled a Black Widow Original or a Moonstone from either of the two card packs? I have some tokens that I have been sitting on in the hopes of getting new covers rather then instant 100 ISO sell-offs.


  • Or an IM40...

    Just realize that as non-1* covers you're as likely to get them as any other 2* or 3* cover -- aka, not very.

    I'd hope they're in the Heroic pack as well. Feel free to send me tokens for me to try with.
  • I started a thread where we can keep track of which covers are available from which card pack: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=797 If you pull something new or find any errors in the current list, let me know.
  • - Brought down the number of displayed Covers in each pack in the Comic Cover Store to decrease memory and processor usage.
    This bit makes me wonder if that's why the Nefarious token display was misleading.