Immediate Gratification

PiMacleodPiMacleod Posts: 621 Critical Contributor
After playing for way way too long, theres a glaring power discrepency between some characters and others.

An easy way to see which ones are more "meta" is to check and see which ones give better results sooner in a match.  A no brainer, right?

Passives immediately come to mind.  They work all the time, per their own stipulations.

4* Rocket's passive uniquely does his thing at the start of the match (much like one of the Mindless Ones).  

I think an easy adjustment of power to some characters (in order to keep up with the meta a bit) would be to allow certain other characters powers to fire immediately as well.  Examples include...

SW's blue
5* Marvel's green
3* Luke's red
TA Hulk's blue
5* Gambit's black

Theres probably more... This was just off the top of my head.  

But this would make certain characters immediately more viable if their abilities started at the start of the match.  

Keep in mind, i wouldnt say this needs to be across the board.  I wouldnt do this to Kitty's purple, for instance.  Its just an idea of how to easily adjust some characters for the better with a small tweak.

And yes, i know this isnt likely.  Just talking out loud for the sake of it.
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