185 immersive mode broken when coming back from screen sleep

abmoraz Posts: 712 Critical Contributor
OS: Android
Build: R185

Issue: "hit boxes" get screwed up when the screen returns from sleep due to stretching.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start a match (i recommend a Deadpool daily for the lack of speed)
2. Note that you can click on any gem.
3. Note that the "filler bars" for immersive mode on the top and bottom are fairly thick
4. Walk away for a few minutes to get a drink, use the restroom, go to a meeting, etc... long enough so that your phone turns off the screen
5. Wake the phone back up
6. If you are quick, you will watch the game "stretch" to revert the "filler bars" on the top and bottom back to the size they were before immersive mode was a thing and we had the bottom button bar and it does so by stretching the game board
7. HOWEVER it doesn't move the hit boxes for anything that was interactive.  They are still where they were originally were before the stretch, so nothing lines up.  For anything on the bottom of the screen, I have to tap above where it currently is.  For anything on the top half of the screen, I have to tap below where it now is in order to click it.

Screenshot before and after screen sleep (notice the top and bottom "immersive mode" bars):

See how the bars have shrunk and the screen stretched, but the hitboxes didn't,