Heroes For Hire: It's Us Deadpool (8-25 to 8-29)

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$19.99 8x value! This is the best deal I have seen so far. Been playing for 2 weeks. Is it worth it?

MPQ Deadpool deal'>


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    Some rambling... 
    What is this game with having such tight roster slots vs card covers?!? Are you f kidding me? How the hell am I supposed to come up with 500 gold coins for 3 roster spots, but have 20 different card covers waiting? Maybe a little help here. I am getting barely any gold coins a day. Currently unemployed and playing this game like Armageddon is going to come crashing down to earth in the next day. How much do these roster spots cost? Do they keep going up 100 gold coins per 3 roster spots? This is madness as a f2p looking to spend some money later down the road, but already being forced to purchase gold coins for roster spots. This 'Heroes For Hire' $20 deal is better than the stores $20 for 2900 'Logan's Loonies' deal for gold coins. Is this my big ticket. Don't want all these 2*, 3*, and even some 4* that I mistakenly have ticking on me to go to waste. I'm actually quite stressed into how much money this game might require. I'm down to make a monetary commitment every month for the VIP and get cool stuff. Already sucked in by that. But holy hell. This game is a money sucker from the looks of it. On a positive community note, love all the action on the forums and Reddit. Lastly, 2 week roster after hours and joining a top 2000 okay alliance. https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/Hyzen/ You unfortunately can't see all the dm covers I am holding onto in the back ready to be recruited.
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    Interesting that this offer hasn’t shown up for me. Did you buy an earlier offer to trigger this one?
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    If you've been to Reddit, I'm sure that they will point you to the beginner's guide. Anyway, the guideline is:

    Don't open tokens if you don't have roster slots for them.

    The roster gold or hero points needed will reach 1000HP per slot until the 299th or 300th slot?

    Given that Hero Points are their main source of income, this is where you see the gap or pain that you are experiencing. That's why the rule above is a counter to the pain that you are facing.

    When your 2* teams are good, you can ditch all your 1* except 1* Juggernaut or Spidey.

    As for that deal, it is decent. The "best value for money" bundles are usually those tied to your Shield Ranking.