Looking for new home.

Seqouia Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
My current alliance is dissolving and I'm looking for a new home. I play to full progression in PVE, usually getting in full 7 clears in all subs. In PVP I shoot for a minimum of 16 wins or 575 points to get the cp reward, but will climb and shield when that happens nearing end of event. Willing to do more PVP if necessary but life balance is important. I'm all in on Boss events and always participate fully for personal and alliance progressions. 

I play every day, and today hit day 1890 for S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply. I am not a whale and only spend occasionally. My roster contains 23/37 championed 5* (top level 458), 81/87 championed 4*, 47/47 max championed 3* with rotating farm of second copies. Add in the 2* and 1* characters and I'm at 253 slots.