Professor X is too new to be essential

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Usually, we get at least a chance to grab the newest 5* in Latest Legends.  This decision to drop PX in has us all scrambling.


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    I'm double posting this from the Sneak Peek thread.....seemed appropriate here.  Made it more polite.

    Let's take a trip down Memory Lane......

    April 2017.  The new 5* Star Lord releases 4/27/17 to some excitement.

    4/30/17, the new event "I have a plan" appears.  If you recall, it had a special node requiring 5 Lord which was NOT required for the progression, and the mini-event was not a placement event and had no alliance component as it was a standalone mini-PVE.

    There was some complaining, but I think you got 5000 iso for the required node, so people just grumbled a little and kept playing.

    More of these mini events appeared over the next few weeks, some before 5SL was in Latests, to a mostly accepting playerbase.

    5/11/17 Backup Plan
    5/25/17 Plan C

    Later of course the devs combined these mini-PVEs into the (ironically just run) Honor Among Thieves.

    So you had a model from your own history to make a type of event where having 5Professor would benefit players but not enrage the playerbase.

    You could have juiced it up with CP or an LT or a cover for 4PX or something.  The game has 87 4's, and giving away a 4* cover is not a big deal anymore.  Make a new mini event like the prior SL-related events and imagine how people would be reacting now.  We LOVE new untimed content and are constantly looking for more.

    Please consider this direction if you want to pursue ways in the future to make new 5's more immediately relevant.