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Thanks in advance for the help, everyone.

I've been not-really-playing for months (or years, yikes) now. Context - I usually only do DPD. Every now and then I get a PVP kick and hit the 10cp mark or a PvE kick for the 4* cover. Obviously not moving fast.

My 5* spread is thin, but I'm fortunate enough to have a 5/1/2 Thanos and a 1/1/3 Panther (both 255). My biggest issue is time - for the 5x clears for the CP in PvE just takes too long every day. Maybe it's just how I play the game (poorly). Here's my dilemma - do I keep saving my LT/CP (72/1580) to do a giant splurge sometime in the probably distant future, or do I spend a bunch of it now on classical tokens to try to get Kitty/Grocket covers now and speed up my PvE? I have 0/0/0 Kitty and 5/0/4 Grocket. I understand those two in particular would speed up PvE significantly, and if I can get PvE to go really fast like I do DPD now with weenie Panthos then I'm all for it. I assume I would max-level my Thanos at the very least, which would hose my MMR for PVP and thus mean I wouldn't do the 575 any more.

For any alternative solutions you have, here is my roster:

All 3*s champed, IM40 at 250
4*s champed: Captain Marvel, Devil Dino, Medusa, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Peggy Carter, Star-Lord, Fury, Red Hulk, Thoress, Carnage, Hulkbuster, Wasp, X-Force Wolverine, X-23, X-Force Deadpool, Rogue, Ghost Rider, Kate Bishop, Vulture.
4*s completely covered (or close): Venom (covered), Prof X (12), Coulson (12), Blade (12), FalCap (12), Nova (12), Agent Venom (12)

5*s are pretty barren, because I haven't been spending any tokens. Thanos, Phoenix (1/3/3), Panther, Strange (3/1/1), Black Widow (2/1/2) are my most covered with a smattering at 4 covers (Hawkeye, Blacksuit, Gladiator Thor, OML).

Medusa/Carnage was a staple for a while, but it's slow and boring. Vulture kinda helps, maybe him + (a leveled) Thanos? I just can't spend 2 hours every day doing PvE, especially since I'm a PC/Steam user.

I'm looking into just focusing on PvE because of all the Grocket/Kitty and/or Bishops I'm seeing in PVP. Just not worth it.

Thanks for any feedback, I'm open to jump-starting this if I can.


  • BowgentleBowgentle Posts: 5,038 Chairperson of the Boards
    If 5 clears in PVE take you 2 hours, drop down a few CLS until you get it down to 30 minutes.
    Set Gamora as your 4* BH, finish your 5* Thanos with that.

    Pulling classics is a lost cause at this point.
  • XandorXerxesXandorXerxes Posts: 326 Mover and Shaker
    Bowgentle said:
    If 5 clears in PVE take you 2 hours, drop down a few CLS until you get it down to 30 minutes.
    Set Gamora as your 4* BH, finish your 5* Thanos with that.

    Pulling classics is a lost cause at this point.
    Thanks! Just to make sure I'm on the same page - your recommendation is to set Gamora as the favorite, stop hoarding, spend the LT/CP to finish off Thanos, and then level him to use in PvE?

    I don't know that it actually takes me two hours, I just know it gets pretty grueling towards the end. I assumed a high-level 5* (especially one with a board nuke) would help with that.

    I only mentioned the classics because a) the latest LTs I did't think are considered particularly good (wait til Prof X? Wait longer? I'm wrong in general?) and b) classics cost less CP, I could pull 16 more LTs in classics for the extra shots at bonus heroes. Still a bad idea?

    I've been really out of touch with the game, so I appreciate the feedback.
  • BowgentleBowgentle Posts: 5,038 Chairperson of the Boards
    It really depends what you want to do.
    Do you want to enter the 5* tier?
    Keep saving until you have 350+ latest pulls (LT+CP).
    Doing that will require playing PVE to full prog - which you can easily do with a 5 black Thanos without additional covers, in 60 minutes or less per day in CL 6.
    Pulling 1580 CP on classics isn't a great idea.
    Thanks to dilution you'll get on average less than 1 cover for every 4*.
    I meant finish your Thanos via Gamora, without pulling.

    If you don't want to enter the 5* tier then keep doing whatever - I just wonder why play at all, then.
  • KGBKGB Posts: 994 Critical Contributor
    You should definitely be playing CL7 and no higher with your roster.

    It's a shame that your Grocket is missing Yellow, his most important color. He's the 1 character that would really speed up PvE for you. I would set him as your only 4* BH until you acquire his Yellow covers and can champ him. He will make the most difference in PvE for you.

    You should definitely continue to use Medusa as 1 of your 3 characters for her Attack tile bonus damage. You should also be using 3* Strange simply because he wrecks goons with his passive and that will speed up all the goon nodes. Who you use as your 3rd is up to you and may be based on the node (for example on nodes with tile movers you might want 3* Cage for his defense tile to save health packs for example).

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