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Chat line completely broken on Steam/PC after latest update [Investigating]

froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 317 Mover and Shaker
I suspect this is already a known issue, but don't see it listed.

The recent update that gives improved chat to mobile users fully broke the Steam/PC version.
Since there's no "mobile keyboard" popup on PC, we're left with uneditable text.
- can't move the cursor with clicks or arrow keys
- chat line doesn't scroll, so everything typed past the end of the line is not visible
- line contents aren't cleared after pressing Enter, and need to be erased manually


  • KizikKizik Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    I'm having the same experience on PC. It is a real problem since I'm one of the commanders in my alliance and can no longer communicate using the in-game chat.
  • TombstoneTombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,169 Chairperson of the Boards

    Thanks for providing this information. I'll make the team aware. 

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