Help with finishing off 4*

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My member name is GLH122270.  I currently have all 3s championed and a little less than 1/2 of all 4s championed ( I have all of the rest of the 4s but not maxed). 

I currently have about 700 hero points.  Is it better to just buy about 30 latest legends (at 25 HP each) or am I better buying specific covers I need for those that I have 10-12 covers on (at 120 HP each)?

thanks for any help


  • DAZ0273
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    If you are interested in 4* then you are best to buy Classics at 20CP and bonus hero who you want to finish.

    I wouldn't recommend buying for 120CP personally.
  • TPF Alexis
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    Yeah, pull Classics. Latests are for people who are trying to cover 5*. Classics are the way to go if 4* covers are your main concern. Before Saved Covers were a thing, it was sometimes worthwhile to spend the 120-240 CP to directly buy covers for a 5/5/1 or 5/5/2, but now it's pretty much always better to just keep the Saved covers and wait until RNGsus takes piy on you.