Please take the time to give us "Look Ahead" articles like this one!...

Azerack Posts: 501 Critical Contributor
Those of us who post in the forums continually ask for feedback from D3 and the developers. Many of us have played other games where this is the NORM, not the exception.

This link is to a perfect example (IMHO) of what would be nice to see, here, from D3 representing both the MTG:PQ game as well as the developers working for them, previously Hibernum, now Oktagon.

In it you'll find generic plans, information and even kudos to forum posters regarding their development of the game, going forward.

Yes, it's from Blizzard, but this team, in particular, are from Diablo 3 which currently is only making money from sales of their game and merchandise, not from expansions or pay-to-win offerings.

I submit that if someone at D3 actually cared about the MTG:PQ game, they would be willing to do something like this. The articles we've seen for this game, so far, have been far and few inbetween and mostly from the developers. 

Since this is the "Suggestions and Feedback" section, I'm submitting the link to this article as both a suggestion - Please do something like this - and feedback - you don't do anything like this, currently.