Disappearing Tokens from Previous Events?

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I had seen multiple people here in the forums talk about saving tokens from one run of an event so they could use them at a later time when the event was run, just in case there was a better batch of characters in the vault.  I tried that recently with the previous iteration of Honor Among Thieves once I got the 4-star cover that I needed.  I ended up saving seven tokens from that event, and they sat unused in the saved tokens category, well past the Deadpool Daily vaults that appear every five days.

Now that Honor Among Thieves is up again, and Mysterio is the featured 4-star (I don't have him champed, and the yellow progression cover will go into the saved pile for my 1/2/5 character) I thought I'd be able to use those seven tokens.  Instead, they're gone.  Is this normal?  Is it something that happened due to the engine overwrite?

I still have seven tokens saved from The Hunt, five from Deadpool vs MPQ, and four from Hearts of Darkness.  My 45 saved tokens from the Savory DDQ remained intact, and transferred over to the new vault.


  • DAZ0273
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    My Cosmic Chaos tokens appear to have gone AWOL - I thought I had 15 which I couldn't use last run as it was a release event. Gone now.
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    That's weird. I have all mine from prior runs of both events (honor among thieves and cosmic chaos). I always save till I get 80 tokens or a 4* comes that I don't have covered.

    Note that if the last time the event was run (and I can't remember when they were last run), if it was a release event the tokens don't get put into your vault. Instead they just get saved as heroic tokens as a 2nd copy for the event (ie so you'd have 2 different honor among thieves token stashes).

  • jamesh
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    Were the saved tokens for a regular event vault? If they were for a "$character & friends" vault or a new character release store, then they won't carry over to this vault.

    I actually had an old Honour Among Thieves vault token that I was able to use this time: the last few times this event came up it was during a character release, so I had been holding on to it for months.  Made sure I remembered to open it this  time.

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    DAZ0273 said:
    My Cosmic Chaos tokens appear to have gone AWOL - I thought I had 15 which I couldn't use last run as it was a release event. Gone now.
    Same here; missing about 19 cosmic chaos tokens. I recall being annoyed that it was being run as a release event meaning I couldn't cash them in.