Getting attacked *after* a tourney ends

Keep forgetting to post this, but this has happened to me several times, most recently in the Widow weekend tourney. I can't remember if it's only weekend tourneys though. I assume this is from people just starting a new attack on me at 11:59:59 EST and finishing me off long after midnight?

I'll play my last match, the tourney will completely disappear from the featured events list, and as I'm doing something else, about 1-2 minutes *after*, I'll get a "You were attacked in [this tourney that just ended] -XX points" message.

Is this a display bug or something that's genuinely happening? I went into the end of the past couple of weekend tourneys in #1 position in the closing minutes, and was informed I placed "top 2" afterwards, so I have no idea of knowing whether getting attacked after the tourney ended affected my standing.


  • iceix once explained this to us, its people who are trying to get that last match in and are currently in battle when the tournament ends. so when they beat you after the tournament time completes, it'll still show up as a 'loss' to you and show points deducted. however, the tallying for rewards and placement takes place exactly when the tournament ends and does a query on its database so basically if you can get that win in before the database reaches your name, you get the points. in these cases, if its a minute or two after the tournament has ended, its highly likely that the win was too late so the points that you've lost won't affect your standing.

    really hard to explain haha, let me go find the post...
  • Nemek
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    From previous posts, it was mentioned that your ranking is determined the moment the countdown has finished. Any game not finished will not count.

    I suspect those point losses had either actually occurred in the past and haven't gotten to you yet, or they finished afterwards, but won't actually affect you.

    (Or, your clock is just so off that the tournament is disappearing before the actual server time.)