MPQ on YouTube: Please Review and suggest improvements: 230 Legendary Tokens for Iceman

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Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of MPQ related videos on youtube for the last year or more. 
I'd like to ask anyone interested from the forum, to watch a bit and make suggestions on how to improve my content and delivery. 

Recently, I recorded pulling 230+ Legendary Store draws to go for Iceman, Storm, and Rescue covers. See the link below if you'd like to give your opinions. 

To be very upfront, here's a few of the things I really need to improve on, and I'm asking you to elaborate on these and suggest more improvements. 
1. Video's are too long. Need to find a better method or a split-plan to reduce them to 20-30 minutes tops.
2. I talk too much and drone on and on...
3. No video editing, like at all. I'd like to learn more about this, but so far it is very time consuming and I'm already playing a certain game too much. 
4. Spend too much time on boring parts of the game or discussions?

Here's what I -think- goes well in my videos, but I'll let you be the judge: 
Decent insight on MPQ gameplay, character abilities, team combo's, roster building & strategies. 
High level character play compared to the average MPQ player, lots of Tokens draws, reasonable enthusiasm & insight.

Here's the link to he primary video I'm referring to, but feel free to give your analysis on anything or other videos:

Thanks for constructive criticism!
Posts that just say, "you suck!" may be correct but offer little help :)


  • Thanos
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    I enjoy the videos, appreciate you making them. Things I like and don't like as follows:

    1. Gameplay. I enjoy the variety of different team combos you play in Ssim. Gameplay is the single best part of the videos for me.
    2. Token openings are fine as well.
    3. Gameplay commentary.

    1. DDQ nodes, they're slow and boring for me. Also dislike when you unnecessarily prolong trivial matches just to see an animation, it takes time away from the more entertaining higher level matches in the other game modes.
    2. Cover leveling of 2*'s
    3. Your ridiculously insane token luck. >:)

    I'm a veteran player so I suppose that's why the trivial aspects of the game don't interest me. Also, I enjoy the longer videos. Keep up the good work.