Tech issue - Deadpool Daily message takes a seemingly long time to pop up [Fixed in R184]

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 730 Critical Contributor
I'm not sure if others are experiencing this issue.  I'm playing on a Galaxy S8+ running Android 9.

Every day when I open Deadpool Daily, before I can select any of its nodes the game lags for what feels like a very long time. Sometimes 5-10 seconds, sometimes a lot longer, before the Deadpool Daily message-of-the-day pops up.

It only happens once at the start of the "day" when the Deadpool Daily has reset because that's the only time that message-of-the-day is shown.

I'm posting because that message never used to take this long to appear.

It used to appear almost immediately, within a second or two of opening Deadpool Daily. Now it takes a very, very long time (comparatively speaking) and I cannot do anything in the game until the message appears and I can dismiss it.

I can switch to another App and switch back to MPQ, and have done so on some occasions because I wasn't sure if MPQ had crashed because the message-of-the-day was taking so long to appear.  MPQ was still working though because the little animations on each icon were still doing their thing; it was just the message-of-the-day was taking a loooooong time to appear.

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  • KGBKGB Posts: 912 Critical Contributor
    Happens on my Galaxy S9+ too. Probably started a few weeks ago.

    I assume the new MPQ engine release on Monday will fix this issue (push data from the server).

  • BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,742 Site Admin
    Hi @JSP869 Is that issue still occurring on the new R184 engine?

  • JSP869JSP869 Posts: 730 Critical Contributor
    Hi @Brigby No, it's not only not occurring now with R184, but the message of the day is popping up incredibly fast now. Likewise with the News pop-ups. They popped in really quickly, and disappeared very quickly when I dismissed them, too.

    Definitely liking this change.
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