Suggestions from a new player

Melfire Posts: 15 Just Dropped In
So I came across this game a few weeks ago and I most like what I see... but here area few suggestions 

1. Lack of new player support... having a game that's been out for years there seems to be very in the way of a new player to "catch up" as it were looking at other games they'd offer new player a few extras like throwing a free choice of a character (you could do the same with PW) even after spending $150 I still feel like there's an insurmountable gap

2. The weird way the tier system works should be fixed... why isn't the it based on a players win/lose totals in events (ie win adds one to your rank losing takes one from it) and having 4 ranks (each 25% the top would be the best performing players and the lowest being the worse performing) 

3. Coalitions don't seem to actually do any outside rankings for events... perhaps a you could add a loan a card to your Coalition feature where you can temporarily give a card to your Coalition members (or maybe even a PW)

4. Why is there no group chat for all player (dividing them up into say groups of 200 to 1000 users at a time to ensure lively discussion) this would allow the game not to feel like solo gaming experience

5. Count down clocks... On how long a product in the store so players know how long they have to purchase a product (I missed out Vrask because I didn't know that it would simply vanish with zero recourse)

6. Some easy way to identify if a booster will or will not contain duplicates (and made adding a percentage of your chances to not draw a duplicate along with rarity chance as well)