GERMAN MARVELS nearly destroyed by ex-commander. Looking for new members

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GERMAN MARVELS is recruiting. We were a top 100 alliance until one commander decided to destroy us before he left. He kicked out everyone but the 3 other commanders. So far only 5 came back. Unfortunately we don't use LINE or Discord. We tried LINE one time but decided that it wasn't very useful for us.

We do mainly PvE content. We are eight players with at least 4* champions. Some have one or two 5* champions too. We are looking for players with at least 3* champions right now. German language would be nice but is not a requirement.
Our alliance exists for some time now. We got bigger and bigger over time. It would be really sad if it would die because of one a..hole.

My ingame name is Jabbel. 12 slots available. THANK YOU <3