Loop prevention

MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 562 Critical Contributor
Seriously can you guys look at ways of reducing this happening by changing cards or restricting sets, so cards don't interact.

In Trial of Ambition I have had LPS come up in 14 of 15 games......it's stupid. I quit most of them cos I don't play a game where I have to stare at it playing itself.

It's wrong that this happens and it should be reduced or eliminated. The intro of The two Tri colour planeswalkers with green have made this so bad.


  • AzerackAzerack Posts: 406 Mover and Shaker
    It really needs to be something that 1. Affects only the AI, since we're certainly capable of controlling our OWN loops and
    2. Can be modified manually, so that players can decide if they want the loop or not.

    The whole point of the Loop Prevention was to make the game more accessible to PLAYERS, correct? The AI doesn't care if it goes on forever... 
  • BlckadderBlckadder Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Been seeing a lot of Naru Meha and creature summon spells, there's no end and loop prevention mechanism does not trigger.
  • MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 562 Critical Contributor
    Getting sick of this game now. Typical devs doing nothing
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