New Event: Planechasing Fblthp (7/26/19)

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Fblthp, the Lost homunculus, has been spotted! Now you must hurry and try to catch him, and help him to control his rampant spark. If you succeed, Fblthp will be happy to share the rarest of his findings with you (for a price).

This Sunday, 7/28/19, marks the first ever Planechasing Fblthp event! There are 9 different versions of this event, but only one will be run at any given time. They are quick and fun casual events, and both entering and completing them will unlock the chance to acquire the Fblthp, The Lost Planeswalker, and brand new Full Card Art bundles!

Check out the details of this Sunday's event below!

Planechasing Fblthp: Accidental Spark - Beginner

Fblthp, The Lost - Level 20

Loyalty Abilities
  • Also Lost (6) - Return target creature you control to your hand. It gains 4 mana.
  • Accidentally Found (12) - Shuffle target creature you control into your library. Then, fetch the first creature from your library. Its power and toughness becomes 1/1.
  • I've Always Hated Crowds (18) - Draw 2 cards. Each of those cards gain 1 mana for each creature on the battlefield. Then, shuffle all nontoken creatures on the battlefield into their owner's library.

  • Win The Fight!
    • Win the fight against your opponent!
    • Reward: 200 Mana Runes, +1 Personal Score
  • Pauper
    • Win with only Common and Uncommon cards.
    • Reward: 1,000 Mana Runes, +1 Personal Score
  • Recruit
    • Cast 4 creatures with cost 9 or less.
    • Reward: 1,000 Mana Runes, +1 Personal Score



Fblthp, The Lost - Planeswalker
  • Unlocked by entering the Planechasing Fblthp event
  • Cost: 320 Mana Crystals
  • Content:
    • Fblthp, the Lost - Planeswalker
    • 18,500 Mana Runes
Totally Lost - Full Card Art
  • Unlocked by entering the Planechasing Fblthp event
  • Cost: 70 Mana Crystals
  • Contains:
    • Totally Lost - Full Card Art Version 
Ugin, the Ineffable - Alternate Full Card Art
  • Unlocked by completing all objectives in the Planechasing Fblthp event
  • Cost: 400 Mana Crystals
  • Contains
    • Ugin, the Ineffable - Japanese Full Card Art Version
Want to see what other cards you can get the full / alternate artwork for? Well then take a look at the full card gallery below:
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