Loop Control System (7/17/19)

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We here at Oktagon and D3 Go! would like to address the current state of the Loop Prevention System, and what adjustments we’re making in the 3.6 update, based on some of your ideas. The main thing we’d like to reinforce is that we are always listening to the community and its feedback. Being a small team though, it can take us a little time to gather that feedback and organize things, so we can give an answer. Thank you all for your patience while we go through this process.

What we ended up settling on is replacing the Loop Prevention System with a new Loop Control System.

What is the Loop Control System?
It is a system that, unlike the Loop Prevention System, gives you, the player, control over the loops that you create.

When the timer reaches 0, the game will display a pop-up screen asking the player if they want to continue. If they choose to do so, the timer resets and, after the same amount of time, the game will ask again. If the player says no, then the game will proceed to the next phase. With this, players can continue enjoying the way they play without having trouble with infinite loops.

For the A.I., it will also have a choice to continue its loops when the timer ends. We are just making it so it rarely chooses to do so many times in a row.

To make this level of control functional, the timer will be a little shorter than it is at the moment, so players can more easily and actively choose when to continue a combo or cancel a loop, and prevent the AI from going on forever with a combo before you can act.

We’d like to apologize for the delay in giving the community any answers, but we want you all to know that we are always listening to your feedback and looking for ways to incorporate them in the game.

We hope that with this new Loop Control System everyone can try and build the craziest combos possible, using all the new and exciting cards available in War of the Spark or any other sets that follow!
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