July 2019 Roster Vs Ultron Sentries/The Hand

Kingart813 Posts: 46 Just Dropped In
So as we're currently playing the doctor strange event, it had me thinking about what would be your favorite team strategy against the Sentries, Hand, Eye Monsters, Maggia, etc.

I realize there's a latest fun team thread, but I wanted an updated thread against these enemies in particular.

What has the synergy works for you?
What SCL are you playing in?


  • Jacklag
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    edited August 2019
    SCL 6

    Ultron Sentries - Hawkguy + your top Blue and Purple users, like Strange, Deadpool, Black Widow (Grey Suit) and Scarlet Witch.

    Everything else - Ironman(Model 40) + whatever green user is boosted + Strange. Before I had Strange, Captain America would fill in great, mostly to replace the enemies CD tiles. Fights went much slower in this way, though.