Known Issue: VIP Renewal and Weekly Reward Issues (7/12/19)

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Hi Everyone,

We are aware of several issues occurring with the VIP Membership renewal process on Apple, and the Weekly Rewards on Android. Our team has been investigating and working to resolve these issues, and we'd like to provide an update for players.

If you are on an Apple device and are experiencing issues when attempting to renew your Membership, please either submit or re-open a ticket with Customer Support, include a screenshot of your VIP Membership purchase receipt, and request that they escalate it to Oktagon. They will be reviewing those tickets and will be able to manually restore the VIP Membership to accounts.

If you are on an Android device and believe you are missing your Weekly Rewards, Oktagon will be putting in a fix for this issue in the upcoming 3.6 update. In addition to that, we have discovered that players are not actually missing out on rewards, but rather received all the Weekly Rewards lumped together with the Immediate Rewards upon renewal of the subscription. If you believe you are in fact still missing Weekly Rewards though, then please submit a ticket to Customer Support, so they can take a closer look to see what may have occurred.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.
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