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Callous Dismissal not working properly [Fix in 3.7]

Gun BunnyGun Bunny Posts: 229 Tile Toppler
I've been noticing a bug with Callous Dismissal, in that if you try to bounce a creature when your opponent's hand is full, it will instead only debuff the target to base stats.

This happened twice in my last match:

A reinforced thief of sanity was reduced to a base 4/4 with no reinforcements.

A buffed cryptborn horror that was 25/25 was reduced to a 5/5.

If this card is supposed to be "if your opponent has five cards or less", like older bounce spells, then it's working improperly as well.

//Edited title -Brigby


  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 410 Mover and Shaker
    Hi @Gun Bunny

    Thanks for report, I'll pass along the team. 
  • stikxsstikxs Posts: 372 Mover and Shaker
    Had this happen just now. Greg had a Hatchery Spider with 1 reinforcement, I cast CD and the reinforcement was removed with a P/T reduction as well, but the base creature stayed on the board. Greg's hand was also full at the time I believe.
  • stikxsstikxs Posts: 372 Mover and Shaker
    It also doesn't do anything when you cast CD and pick a target with no reinforcements and Greg has a full hand.
  • BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,735 Site Admin
    Hi Everyone. This issue should be fixed in the upcoming 3.7 build
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