Double Hixus (in Role Reversal)

starfallstarfall Posts: 1,727 Chairperson of the Boards
Encountered an array of strange problems playing against an opponent in Role Reversal playing Hixus. I was drawing Hixus from his deck from the Role Reversal effect; He was playing Karn, so he was also fetching his own Hixus from his deck. At times both sides had Hixus in play.

A number of strange effects occured, but the only one I remember now (which happened a few times) was that my creatures would become enabled when MY Hixus was destroyed, even though they had been disabled by HIS Hixus.

It's possible that Role Reversal actually had nothing to do with the bugs? You should probably test normal games where both players have a Hixus in play.
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