Trial of Zeal progression rewards are still not fixed [Investigating]

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The final progression reward required 750 ribbons, while EACH fight (yes, also the last three encounters) only grant a maximum of 15 ribbons, meaning 50 (!) perfect games are required to get the final reward.

Please fix (I think it should be something like Revolt against the Consulate - 56 max ribbons with final reward at 55 ribbons).

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  • Monkeynutts
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    Seriously is it 15 point for win plus both objectives no matter which fight you do??

    I'm two fights from the bottom one and have got 15pts max each fight....

    750pts will take a massive grind....
  • Wolfteeth
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    Is there something wrong with the awarded points per round or what? Are we supposed to repeat each round 50 times for 3 days to complete this?
  • SolRing
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    It was broken already and they clearly did not get around to fix it. Our guess was it was supposed to be 120 or 150 points for max progression.
  • Gurthshaker
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    So every match is only 15 points? Well,  guess I am not going for 750 lol.  I thought the higher level matches would pay out more like other events.  As ashamed as I am for not knowing, since I have been playing for so long,  but yeah,  that's more of a trial for my phone battery than anything else lol. 
  • Gideon
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    @Brigby @LakeStone
    Are you serious with this ****? Why don’t you guys play this **** event til progression and tell us how much fun you had. Can someone there please get a clue?
  • Caeman
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    At the very least, rename the event “Trial of Patience,” as that’s more fitting. Perhaps someone there could also demonstrate their own zeal and maybe fix this event.
  • TheDragonHermit
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    It truly is a trial of zeal, only a zealot (from the most traditional use of the world) would go for progression and even then they would find it trying.
  • Mcclaine
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    I like the that we can play whichever node for progression, similar to the Dominaria or Ravnica block PVE events which isn't possible in RAtC if I remember correctly, but beyond that I agree.
    Asking for 750 ribbons is not really worth the time invested for the rewards gained. I gather that it used to be a coalition event when Hibernum ran it.
    In the interest of the least amount of development time as possible, you could cut the ribbon requirements down by half and it would be less of a chore.  375 ribbons or less(say 300) over three days sounds more reasonable and should not be that hard to implement.
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    This is kitty 
    BATMAN1 Posts: 146 Tile Toppler
    I want those rewards credited to my account because octagon is a tease, please.
    1000 tunes 
    60 MC 
    30 MJs 
    a couple of packs. 


    ill I’ll take the usually “we’re octagon and we screwed up again here’s a pitifully 100 MC” 
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  • Laeuftbeidir
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    If a bug gets ignored long enough, does it automatically become a feature?
  • dwinn7038
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    Yep, it's basically pointless, but why would they fix it when they can push out new broken content to charge you for?
  • Gideon
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    My guess is yes and that it is not really being investigated . It will be run at a minimum of 2 more times before anyone actually investigates it.
  • Brigby
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    Gideon said:
    My guess is yes and that it is not really being investigated . It will be run at a minimum of 2 more times before anyone actually investigates it.
    Actually, the team is aware of it, and they've said that the current Trial of Zeal points structure "does not seem right. This event is similar to Fateful Showdown and Revolt against the Consulate, therefore should have similar point and reward distribution, too."

    They are looking into and planning to correct this already.
  • soultwist
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    Not a big bug but if your adjusting the event anywhere check out the mana bonuses for Nehab for

    It looks like they should be higher black/red and got Temmet's by mistake