This semi casual player blew his hoard after 9 months...



  • jp1
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    Funny, I just used your advice about Okoye/Sabretooth/Xpool to make my highest climb ever (Thank you for that btw) and then put out Gritty/Bishop on defense. 

    So, I seem to have some of the same privilege and simply wasn’t utilizing it. 
  • abenness
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    jp1 said:
    Doesn’t sound like much fun. To each their own, but I can’t imagine having to coordinate each and every match I play with the entire player base in my slice. Sounds like a real PITA. 

    I’ll just have to settle for my usual 575 I guess. Thanks for taking the time to explain the process though, for those interested in trying it out.
    I have found that "competitive" pvp (ie in a LINE room) is probably one of the strongest community bonds in the game, as everyone is very friendly and have a lot of fun.  It's the same as going from a public alliance with no communication or coordination, to one that is active and supportive and gets results.  I would certainly recommend trying it before making a decision whether to continue or not.

    For junior rosters, joining a room can help get you to the CP at 1200 points, without needing to accrue the 75 wins.