Revisiting Tourney Story Missions

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I guarantee this has been asked, but I couldn't find it, so:

Are there any current plans to release the Story missions that were in the tourney that introduced Moonstone as a replayable mission series like the prologue? If so, is there any timeline that can be discussed? I enjoyed the Stark/Cap back and forth in them and would like to play it again.


  • I Believe IceIX said that it was a possibility but not a current plan. That was a little while ago though. Since they released the hard version of Jug, it's also possible that they'll replay the event if they don't release it as a replayable chapter. I personally hope they do more PvE event to mix it up.
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    What surprises me is that they have the storyline with no plans to repeat past chapters, yet they still call the game a Preview.
  • Guys, I'd honestly be shocked if we never saw the Red ISO missions ever again. The content for them is already done. They just need to strip out the Red ISO part (or hey, leave it in if they want to base it on Red ISO again), up the enemy levels to "Heroic," et voila, new weeklong PVE event.
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    I'd actually be kind of concerned if they never released them.

    The nature of this game is kind of bad in that I would have to imagine that attracting new players must be incredibly difficult. If the game is still going 6 months from now, why would a new player ever want to do PvP? They'll come with their lvl 20 IM35 to the first PvP event, and see that they can make the 10,000 place reward of 70 ISO, and probably not continue on much from there.

    I think the game can stand by itself on just the PvE - it's definitely the primary reason I ever look at Puzzle Quest games. Truthfully, the only reason I even started doing PvP (about a week after I DLed the game), was because the missions in the Prologue got really hard, so figured I could net some more ISO in PvP (when I found out I could get 140 ISO per game, I was stoked!) Fortunately, I wasn't THAT behind the other players, and was able to catch up to most.

    So, I think the PvE is pretty important to attracting more casual players. I'm fairly confident that if I started the game today, I would probably just go through the prologue and be done with it. (Especially if the only tournament going on right now required 3-star heroes...of which I would have zero.)
  • /agree Nemek

    That's a really good point…without a good stable of PVE content, new players will have a hard time getting into PVP eventually...
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    /agree Nemek

    That's a really good point…without a good stable of PVE content, new players will have a hard time getting into PVP eventually...

    Heck, without good PvE content I'll even get bored. The red ISO and heroic Juggernaut tourneys have been, by far, my favourite events because:

    A) you don't have to show up in the last hour to guarantee a decent prize.

    B) the story is fun to follow

    C) it's different than just "kill this team of heroes, often with a Thor and classic Storm".

    Further, without good PvE, and other ways to get Iso, it's super super long to get my guys levelled. I just lost a 3 star match to a not so great team (granted my luck was terrible), and I'm sure I play more than the very casual gamer. I've sunk $20 in for support because I like the studio, but I'd not put more in for what's currently here. Even if I do love the setup and potential.

    I'm sure much of my argument can be rebuked with the simple business response of, "this game is free, and we want to make money, so iso will be hard to get," but I don't see most people spending for that. I'd love to see averages, maxes and medians for people who've spent money on this vs how many free players there are. Based on the PQ name I would have spent money to buy almost the same game, even if it had micro transactions.