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  1. When a cascade happens, how much damage is each consecutive match reduced by?
  2. Is the damage reduced additive or multiplicative? (i.e. if it's 20%, is it 100/80/60/40/20, or is it 100/80/64/51.2/41)?
  3. Is your strike tile damage at 100% for all consecutive matches, and if there is a reduction, what is it reduced by?
  4. Does the damage reduction occur when you make a match that triggers two matches at once?
  5. When you match a Match-4 with an RBY character, and there are purple tiles in the blast, does it deal the purple damage from the character with the highest purple damage or the character that made the match?
  6. When you match three critical tiles, are they additive or multiplicative (i.e. is it 4x/8x/12x or 4x/16x/64x)?
  7. Am I correct to say that the priority of matches are calculated top to bottom, left to right?
  8. When you make a match that has a strike tile in it, do you deal the strike tile damage during that match?
That's all, couple of questions that I need help confirming.


  • TPF Alexis
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    I've wondered about a number of these for a while. I believe #1 is 25%, and that (#2) it's multiplicative, otherwise they'd hit 1 damage much faster.
    I do know that for #3, Strike tiles do remain at 100% through Cascades, which is part of why they're so good, and for #7, they do resolve from top left to bottom right, but I think they go along each row first, and then drop and check the next row, so I'd call it left to right, top to bottom.
    I believe #4 is yes, because the computer still resolves the matches one at a time, and for #5, that it does the damage for whoever would tank those colours, but I'm not entirely sure on those, either.
  • Doragon
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    I think my observations are fairly similar, but I was under the impression that:
    • (2) was additive because in general after 5 consecutive matches it drops significantly lower than 40% of my original damage;
    • (3) was also reduced because consecutive matches with strike tiles tend to cause each match to deal less damage than my total strike tile increase, although I will admit I might have lost track and the cascades did remove my strike tiles.
    • (5) is my issue when I'm deciding between two match-4s and deciding which one to match for higher damage.
    • (7) we're agreed on this, just that we choose to use a different phrasing for it. I basically mean that they check each row from top to bottom, moving left to right.
    Added (8). And yeah I alternate between Grocket/Gamora and Chavez+5E a lot so these are issues I tend to think of.
  • TPF Alexis
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    8 is yes. Tiles included in a match still apply to that match. It's easy to see down in 3* land with Luke Cage, and probably at any level with a Brute Mindless One.
  • BlackSheep101
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    4) The second match is reduced. Whichever color you touched first becomes the "first" match.

    5) Whoever owns the color that matched 4 is the basis for the entire damage calculation. (i.e. your RBY hero's purple damage will be used in your example)