Roster and Team Selection screen make better

Arrastra Posts: 3 Just Dropped In

I have two tips to make the Roster and Team Selection screen better.

Roster: Please, include a searching field in the roster! Because, for example I have 76 four star heroes (here are the most heroes) and it takes minutes to find anyone. Because the heroes sort by level. And there is another solution. Include a searching field, or be able to sort our heroes like name. Names like: Thor, Sabretooth, Storm, not like Vicor Creed, or Classic).

Team Selection screen: My problem is that I love to play with Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), and Thanos (Modern). Strange is on level 266, so he is relatively front of the selection line, but Thanos is on level 199, so I have to searching him before every fight. My solution is, to sorting the most recent playable characters at the beggining of the Team Selection screen. Or be able to select the heroes who want fighting the most. Like the favourites. But not the favourite heroes. Because you may not want to see your favorite (upgradeable) hero in the front.

P.S.: I've play the game almost from the beginning (the February of 2014), and I've played 1.142 hours of it, and I say this  game is best casual game ever. Good job boys and girls:)

Much love,