Customer Support Was Very Unhelpful

Last season, I had an issue with the end-of-season. I kept my score above the #25 slot of my bracket, hoping to earn the second 10x pack of Heroic Tokens. When the season ended, the bracket said my score was #25 exactly, 120~ points ahead of #26. When I received my end of season rewards, I received one packet of Heroic Tokens, so I immediately closed the app, reopened, and then went to the Season and screenshot the results, which still showed me as #25. On June 4th, at 10:38, I sent this photo to customer support, as well as sending on June 5th the expanded view of the bracket still showing my score as ~100 points ahead of #26. They essentially told me that the error was my fault, because I wasn't force-closing the game between rounds to see my opponent's scores and that I was really #26th even though this information doesn't show anywhere. They also wouldn't tell me which opponent beat me, and with what score.
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