TeamBAYMAX - Casual/Boss Event focus

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Send a PM for more details

I have set TeamBaymax as a private alliance. Tick "Show Private Alliances" when searching for it.

Type: Casual/ active 

We have jobs, lives, etc. But we also play MPQ every day. Our main focus are the alliance events.

Roster: We have a few strong 4* players (transitioning to 5*) and would love some established casual 4* transition players, but mostly just want some more oomph for alliance events in general. 

We don’t want to be top finishers we want to get a more rewards and accomplishments on an ongoing basis.

We do not have set in stone roster requirements, as we enjoy helping active players grow. Prize leeches are not welcome! 

Chat is encouraged, especially during group events, bouncing ideas off each other will definitely help everyone reach their true potential.

Alliance Requirements: 

  1. Alliance events -- Ultron, Galactus, Civil War, etc. Coordinate with the team for these events and do what you can to contribute to the point total. Let us know in chat if there are problems so we can try and offer advice
  2. Let us know if you are taking a break from the game or if life is about to get in the way
  3. It would be good for Daily iso-8 Rewards To play at least 1 mission a day so everyone gets the daily iso. 

We have at least 4 slots as of posting but we are about to kick a clutch of under performing members during Galactus


  • Andy_t88Andy_t88 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    I've sent a private message and applied in game with a friend of mine. 
  • PeeOnePeeOne Posts: 235 Tile Toppler
    Thanks Andy 
  • PeeOnePeeOne Posts: 235 Tile Toppler
    Hi everyone... still looking for 6 players!!
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