2*->3* transition and PvP

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Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time poster.

I just recently championed my first and second 3*s, IM40 and Doctor Strange (yes, thank you, thank you).

This duo had been serving me well in both PvP and PvE. Up until then, I have been keeping all my 3*s under the level of my highest 2* tank (with the exception of Thor and Luke Cage, who are also tanks). But when I, coincidently, got just the right covers I needed to Champion them both, I rushed to the opportunity of Championing them and now they are my two highest level heroes.

I immediatly noticed the difference in PvP. While I previously could fight for hours and hours, allowing the featured char to tank most colors for my team, thus saving health packs, my team now takes most of the damage. What used to be light hearthed playing a few hours each day now feels like work. 

I'm seriously thinking of selling both IM40 and Doctor Strange and start investing in my Luke Cage (13 covered)+Iron Fist (11 covered) + Scarlet Witch (6 covered). I would have to spend 60 CP to boost Wanda's Purple Generation. At least until I finish rostering all 3*.

Currently I have 55 roster slots with 42 rostered 3*s , all 2*s championed, 3x 1 covered 4*s (Marvel, Rogue Classic Cyclops), a 3-covered Winter Soldier and 12 3*s missing. And Agent Coulson and Hawkeye (Ronin) on vine. So I'm predicting it will cost me 11,200 HP to start opening my Heroic Tokens (currently hoarding 218 of those and 2 10-packs).

At my current rate of 100 HP from PvP every 2.5 days and 175 from PvE every 3 days, plus 420 HP every 54 days from DDQ, I'm predicting it will take 100 days do reach that point. 

If I go back to consistently earning 25-50 placement in PvP events like I used to, I should cut that time to under 90 days, not to mention I'ld be earning more 3*s covers as rewards, further improving my 3* roster. 


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    Yes, I can still use 2*s when boosted, but only in that case. Daken tanks well for my Iron Fist but neither him or Wolverine can tank anything for a higher level IM40 or Strange. In any case, there is a different set of 2* boosted each weak.
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    I just found that, when properly leveled, Hawkguy can tank blacks for IF. I think I'll BH him and use him to generate purples for IF. With two teams (IM40+Strange+Kamala/Luke+Fist+Hawkguy) I think I can minimuze my use of health packs.

    Thanks for the tips.
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    Problem is my KK is currently at 1/2/3 and I would want her at least 4/2/3. I have a lvl 114 R&G who is 2/5/2, that's not a bad healer, actually. But with such low level they wouldn't be tanking any way. My Super Soldier cap is at 2/2/3. 
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    You're just feeling the pain of a transitioning roster, that's all. No need to panic and sell off two of the key linchpin characters of the 3-star tier. That's moving backwards. Once you start champing some more 3-stars you'll be in better shape.

    You want to prioritize champing 3-star Wolverine (Patch). His true and passive healing is what you're looking for. He also goes really well with IM40 and Strange, which is the single best 3-star team against PvE goons. He'll soak damage for you in PvP too. I liked him in PvP with Rocket and Groot and Luke Cage - two healers behind Cage's defense tile.

    Step back from PvP and focus on PvE for a while, where there's a plethora of 3-star covers waiting.
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    I usually play PVE at SCL 4, which allows me to get top 25 placement and max rewards with little to no effort. When I don't have the featured characters, or the 3* cover rewards are of a character that interests me, I play SCL 6. I can win those fights, but it's such a drag sometimes I don't even clear all the nodes seven times (4 at the begining, 3 after they recharge for maximum points).

    Today I realized I have a Pym Blasters support, which increases Blue match damage and healing by a decent amount. With that I figure even a lvl 114 R&G could tank blues for a champ Strange. 

    My Patch is at 3/4/4, so not maximized healing yet, but it is something. Maybe with Pym Blasters his healing would be on par with a 3/4/5 Patch.
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    As others have said, I would not sell Strange/IM40 since they are top tier 3* characters.

    You are feeling the effects of a top heavy roster. It's one thing I always avoided doing (I leveled at least 10 characters equally). Again as others have noted, it will get better.

    Cage should be you top priority to level up for his free protect tile. Then Fist. Cage/Fist/Strange was my go-to 3* PvP team for the protect tile and Fists attack damage and Strange's healing (when enemies fire powers) plus his Blue stun.


    P.S. Note that your Pym Blaster support doesn't work in PvP.

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