Rising Tensions - Scheduling Options *Updated (6/5/19)

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Update: Thanks for participating in the poll! Our team has gone with the majority vote and Rising Tensions will now be spaced out during the weekday on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday cadence.
Hi Everyone,

As our team was running through next month's scheduling of the event, we wanted to get the community's feedback on the scheduling of an event that we know is a popular event for many: Rising Tensions.

Before anyone asks though, I'm going to answer the question that's likely on everyone's minds: No. We unfortunately are unable to return to the previous pattern of 1 Rising Tensions event each weekday every week.

Now having said that though, we do still have some flexibility in how we can format this pattern moving forward, and we wanted to hear your thoughts! This is why we decided to create a poll for everyone to vote on. This poll will run for the duration of this weekend before we close it on Monday, 6/3.

You can find this poll HERE
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