Fix a 5* -- Non-Episode 1

jackstar0 Posts: 1,280 Chairperson of the Boards
Hey, I know I've got a handful of you reading these, so here's my question: who should be next?

I'm looking at maybe IM46 or Kingpin, but I'm kinda running out of sincerely bad 5*s.

Help me out!


  • Kolence
    Kolence Posts: 964 Critical Contributor
    Definitely Kingpin, from what I've heard. I really only played him when needed in pve, and for that, 11 covers with 5 blue and boosted to 530 worked fine with Valkyrie or the usual pve squad.

  • Pongie
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    yes, if it's between IM46 and Kingpin then it's definitely kingpin. 
  • Gold_Dragon
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    Carol is pretty ****. I vote her. 
  • theomen
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    Carol, especially given how good her 4* version is.
  • Polares
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    Carol is pretty tinykitty. I vote her. 
    Yeah definitely Carol, I don't care that much about KP, but Carol should be amazing, and she is one of the worst.
  • Dancing_Lass
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    Kingpin or even cable imo...
  • Dancing_Lass
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    Re-buffing gambit would add more spice to controversy, which I support...
  • ErikPeter
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    I can't wait for a Carol buff.

    From the perspective of a nearly six-year, hard-casual veteran (everyone rostered, not everyone champed) she's slow and old-school. She feels designed with some team synergies in mind (as a R/Y tank for 1/2 Thor, R/G for Hela) and some intentional distance from Okoye/Kitty.

    I like how her green repeater makes additional AP as almost an afterthought. She's not really a battery, so you don't mind matching it away. But the design suggests it is a tank/battery for lower-tier green powers; since it's not even active until 10AP, the AI will fire friendly cheaper powers immediately instead of choosing to 'save up' (I assume).  

    About 6 weeks ago I started an experimental alt account (Uni Vers) that is all Carol, all the time. The roster consists of 2-3-4-5 Carol (yay BH pull!) and 2 rotating spots for roster xp (I'm already CL7 but CL6 is more doable, generally) and featured characters (e.g. right now, for PvE it's Worthy Cap 1/1/1 from the Sinister Six rewards, and Psylocke once I finish the Bullseye 2 node). 

    Anyway, from that perspective, a CL6, Top4Avg ~160 roster, Carol doesn't stand up well against the 5s released after her. Her green is fun, but painfully inconsistent; The one time I got it to destroy 4 rows (Ice Storm TU) was awesome, but against AI that match tiles it seems like it has a 50% fail rate. Nothing like spending 30 AP in a long mission to do absolutely nothing. Compared to Iceman's Green, it's just so amazingly bad.

    I feel like it should make strikes right away, or if you match it away, or every turn like C4rol's black. Just let it support itself since the price of "hey this worked great" is destroying a bunch of friendly specials.
  • Kolence
    Kolence Posts: 964 Critical Contributor
    Here's an idea for a Kingpin buff. 

    Forced Hand - Kingpin makes the enemy an offer they can't refuse. Choose a friendly Strike, Attack or Protect tile to give to the enemy team. In return, take up to 5 AP in your strongest color from the enemy. If the enemy has less than 5 AP in that color, take all of it and deal damage. 
    (PASSIVE) - at the start of your turn, if you have 10 or more Blue AP, create a Blue Strike tile and drain 3 Blue AP. 

    The Harder They Fall - (PASSIVE) Kingpin undercuts an upstart opponent. At the start of the turn, destroy half the AP in the largest enemy AP pool over 5 AP and creates a Fortified Black The Harder They Fall tile with a duration of 3 turn plus 1 more for every 3 AP destroyed. This power becomes I'm Untouchable! 

    I'm Untouchable! - (PASSIVE) Kingpin has people in his pocket everywhere. While The Harder They Fall tile is on the board, it reduces all enemy match damage by 50% plus an additional 10% per duration left on the tile (max 90%). When the tile is gone, this power reverts back to The Harder They Fall. 

    Break Their Will - no change. 
  • rdvargas1
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    Banner Hulk, IM46, first avenger cap, Surfer, Phoenix, ghost rider, gambit and OML need to be restored.