PVE-limit might be the group for you

BeetleGeorge Posts: 76 Match Maker
PVE-limit is not a top 100 alliance but we normally are in top 250 at PvE events.
We are a global group which means that while some of the group are playing others are at work and others sleeping.
So there is not much coordination and only the occasional in-game chat.

Our latest results were full rewards for cap side and final reward missed at ironman side at civil war and rank 166 at webbed wonder.

After some players left us for top groups our ranks have been refilled with players who play daily but reach less than 10% progression at most events.
This does not match our idea of the game. Therefore we would like to find some people who might fit better to us.

If you are a player who normally reaches 100% progression at PvE, prefers his/her own rhythm of play and wants to be able to take the occasional day(s) off for other hobbies or family without being kicked then ours might be the group for you.
There are no special rules for participation in boss events or new character events.
If somebody is kicked then it's because of not participating for an extended time and not any kind of single event.
If one knows he/she will be away more than a few days it is expected that he/she tells in advance.

With a few reinforcements we might be able to reach the occasional top 100 placement without loosing the fun approach.


  • Pearlstarfish
    Pearlstarfish Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Hello, I would want to join your team. Is there still a place ?  I play every Day always T 100 at PVE.  I am french and don't speak english easily. 
  • schmak99
    schmak99 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Any spots left? I used to be in a T100 alliance but got burned out. 
  • BeetleGeorge
    BeetleGeorge Posts: 76 Match Maker
    Recently we have been sometimes in, sometimes a few places behind T100 at PVE events. Finished boss events at the first part of day 2 latest.
    But yesterday one guy left us and we have one open spot to offer.

  • BeetleGeorge
    BeetleGeorge Posts: 76 Match Maker
    A few days ago one member left. At a second one I'm not sure because he stopped playing two days ago without a word why.

    So there's one or two spot(s) open at the moment.

    The description above what type of player we would like to join is still valid.

    Before the two guys stopped playing we were T100 at pve nearly every event and T250 at pvp (about half of the team is playing pvp too).
    At boss events we normally finish after about 50 hours latest.