When does Rescue hit LL?

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See title.

Want to try to pull for a few covers for her while getting a few more Thanos for ST.  ...not sure if it's possible.


  • bluewolf
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    One week from Monday, June 3.  Long after ST closes.
  • St_Bernadus
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    This usually works but not when there is only a week between releases.
  • IYeaheahI
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    27-5 according to the mpq reddit 
  • bluewolf
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    IYeaheahI said:
    27-5 according to the mpq reddit 
    Well, that unfortunately is wrong. It’s always 2 weeks after the new release 5 store closes. Always Monday unless they are closed too. 
  • Taganov
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    When does it leave LLs?
  • JHawkInc
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    It's hard to predict because they don't always do releases every two weeks (Thanos was a week late, Sabretooth a week early), and they don't always follow the 5/4/4 release pattern (Captain Marvel, Talos, and Hela was a 5/4/5), but rough estimate I'd guess Rescue is going to leave tokens just before Anniversary starts, so the very end of September.

    That gives time for a 5 to come out in June (that would push Captain Marvel out of tokens), then the first of August (to push Hela out), and a third mid-September, and we'd have to wait for that third one's store to close, and then 2 weeks, which is roughly September 30th assuming they don't do anything to the pattern between now and then (and with both Far From Home, and the possibility that they tweak the pattern to prepare for Anniversary, it's entirely likely they will tweak things between now and then).