Lightning Round gives extra match, but no progression reward as a result

froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 246 Tile Toppler
Playing on Steam, I completed a LR fight close to the end of the event. Instead of the normal "points awarded" display at the end of the fight, I saw the "total score" popup that would typically be shown when you finish too late. However, clicking past that, the round was still open and let me start one more fight.

I went ahead and did that, but at the end of this "extra fight", was shown "Total Score: 0" and then never received the placement that I would have gotten for my initial efforts.

My apologies, the placement reward finally did show up, just later than expected.
But I'll leave the remaining details here, since it is kind of an odd sequence. Just drastically lower priority, since it doesn't result in the loss of rewards as originally perceived.
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