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Update 6/17/18: We have updated the reward charts to reflect the changes to how the plan rewards will be distributed after the 3.5 build. Players will now see more of the rewards weighted in the weekly rewards, and less in the immediate rewards.

Update 5/31/19:
Just wanted to provide an update that we completed the crediting to almost all players that purchased Master and/or Pro VIP Memberships in the time listed below. There are a couple of additional accounts that need to be confirmed and we should have those resolved by Monday. Thank you for your patience!

Update 5/24/19:
We have an update in regards to players that were getting duplicates with their Master and Pro VIP Membership plan purchases.  This is now currently fixed and we will reward users next week that made these purchases during the window of time.

We have included an FAQ section at the bottom of this article that contains answers to some of the most frequent player questions. This will be continuously updated as we answer additional relevant questions.
Hi Everyone,

What if we told you there was a way that players could achieve better rewards faster through game progression without detracting from the fun and engaging experience of the game? Say hello to VIP Membership!

VIP Membership is a brand new subscription plan that grants players both an initial burst and weekly flow of resources to boost their progression experience. Members are first in line for exclusive content, gain access to special discounts for things like Planeswalkers and Booster Packs, unlock Members-only custom deck slots, and get to show off their support for the game with Membership Avatars and Titles to decorate their Player Profile!

There are 3 different VIP Membership plans that players can choose from: Basic, Pro, and Master.

Not sure you want to dive headfirst into a monthly plan just yet? This is the perfect choice for you then! Dip your toes into the water with just a week-long Basic plan to see how being a part of VIP Membership can help boost your progression.

To celebrate the launch of VIP Membership, all players will be able to try out a free Basic plan following the 3.4 update!

Ready to take your Magic Puzzle Quest experience to the next level? The Pro plan offers a full months-worth of useful resources, booster packs, and cards. Not only that, but you’ll get access to exclusive content before anyone else, a wider pool of booster packs to choose from in the Vault, and special discounts on certain items!

Get the full VIP Membership experience at your fingertips with the Master plan. This Membership plan takes all the benefits of the Pro plan and cranks it up a notch: more resources, more booster packs, and more cards! This way you can spend more time fine-tuning your decks and strengthening your Planeswalkers, and less time having to gather the resources needed.

Just like the Pro plan, you’ll also get access to exclusive content before anyone else, a wider pool of booster packs to choose from in the Vault, and special discounts.

Upon starting any VIP Membership plans, all players will receive an immediate burst of rewards followed by additional rewards given out weekly. Check out the reward details below!

Not only that, but players can enjoy additional benefits from gaining the new VIP Status. For those who continue to support the game with a Membership plan each month (Pro & Master), they’ll be eligible to receive a VIP Status. Each month they renew their plan, their VIP Status will increase by one Tier. With each Tier comes even more perks; everything from bonus resources and one-time offers to even Non-Duplicate pulls of Mythic and Masterpiece cards!

Check out the full details below:

(More Tiers will be added in the near future)

Mana Jewels Bonus
In addition to supporting the game with your VIP Membership, all active members will be able to earn bonus Mana Jewels when making a purchase! For each dollar over $10.00 USD (rounded up), players will receive 2 Mana Jewels in return.

For example, if a player purchases a $14.99 USD offer, they will receive 10 Mana Jewels.
  • (14.99 - 10) x 2 = 9.98 => 10 Mana Jewels
We hope you enjoy all the benefits and rewards you can earn from being a VIP Member! Thank you for supporting the game, and as always, thank you so much for being a part of the Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest community!


Are the immediate rewards only when starting a plan or also earned when renewing one?
The immediate rewards are awarded each time a plan is renewed.

How many times can Tier rewards be earned?
Tier rewards are only awarded once when the player reaches that Tier.

How do I increase my Tier?
Tiers are increased when you renew an existing Pro / Master Membership plan or whenever you upgrade to a higher plan. Basic plan does not increase your Tier.

What happens to my Tier if I cancel or downgrade my plan?
Your Tier is unaffected if you downgrade from Master to Pro. If you downgrade to the Basic plan or cancel, then your Tier will remain at the same level for 30 days before it begins dropping a Tier each following month.

Is early access to content similar to exclusive cards?
Yes. Early access to content is in the same vein as the current Exclusive Card bundles, where players can acquire it ahead of time, but all players will eventually have access to it at some point.

How frequently can I craft Masterpieces, once I reach Tier 6?
So long as you are at Tier 6 or higher, then the option to craft Masterpieces will always be available to you in Booster Crafting.

How much does a Masterpiece card cost to craft?
Newest Set: 15,000 Mana Orbs
Standard: 10,000 Mana Orbs
Legacy: 6,000 Mana Orbs

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