Thank you for the Carol feeder. Can we please get feeders for the remainder?

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@Brigby :Really appreciate the Carol feeder, especially from a well-established character. It was nice to see that first thing in game today.

Would really love to see feeders for all 5 stars. There are some that have been out there for ages without any movement on getting feeders. This is extremely frustrating as a player. There are only 9 remaining, and all have plausible 4*s that could feed them. some are very old. What level of feedback is needed to get developers to give attention to this?

Archangel (Classic)
Cable (Nathan Summers)
Doctor Doom (God Emperor)
Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme)
Gambit (Classic)
Hela (Goddess of Death)
Kingpin (Spider-Verse)
Kitty Pryde (Uncanny X-Men)
The Hulk (Bruce Banner)


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    If you listened to the last Puzzle warriors podcast they are making 5* feeders special tie ins.  So for movie releases, anniversary, etc.  they want to make the new feeder more special.  I would prefer they just added feeders for all 5* personally there is no reason not to at this point in time.
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    Be patient.