Fix a 5* -- Episode 5: Cap Classic

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When will this stop? Hard to say, but having only a handful of readers isn't helping my ego! I love you guys though.

5* Captain America (First Avenger)

Quick Recap:

Yellow - Spend 10 AP and a bunch of things happen.

Red - Spend 11 AP hit the target and a countdown starts that will generate AP and more if you've got additional members of Team Cap.

Blue - Spend 7 AP to hit the target with a damage boost for friendly S/P/As (up to 8 tiles).

My Suggestions:

Ah, Cap. He came in with Civil War alongside IM46 and was pretty clearly not great at the start. He got tweaked later on and is what we have now... a mostly okay character, but generally speaking not top-tier.

Yellow - I'm not mad at this one really, but I would like what it does spelled out in the game, specifically at each cover level. If his accelerator (Red) was more reliable and not crazy expensive, then this would get a sincere thumbs up from me.

Red - Too expensive for me. While Red can have some acceleration, and Shuri's Lab could possibly help there in Story, it's just too expensive for not enough damage and a Countdown that all-too-often will be matched away. If it does go off, you can probably get Yellow off right after, which is nice, but a long way to go for that one-two.

Blue - Pair him with Bishop and Grocket and I think you could really crack some heads. Can't complain about it much because it is well-costed and generating Blue is doable with a couple options.

Overall, I think Red needs a tweak, or complete re-work, and then he'd be pretty viable.

I kinda wish he had a little more harmony with other Team Cap members. Daredevil kinda works especially with no color overlap on active powers, but together they'd still be a little on the slow side of things and you'd really need to make sure that DD takes the brunt of things. Hawkeye and Cap have a little too much overlap to really hit it out of the park. Black Widow has already been discussed, so if she got a little help, I think that could potentially be a mini-boost for Cap here, too.

Here's a thought. Ditch the CW keywords and let both Cap and IM boost off Avengers and then we might have something.

How would you help fix 5* Captain America?

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  • Kolence
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    I think Cap is better than generally believed on the forum. He was probably ok after his rework, even with a mediocre red, just few people had him covered. But time has passed and new characters are now in the game that counter some of his strengths, so he could probably use a bit of a boost. :)

    I like that Cap and Iron Man have abilities that rely on team affiliations. I just don't like that they're set up so that those abilities are very underwhelming if no same team members are present. They should be ok either way, and with the right allies give something extra on top.

    Yellow and blue are still ok, I think. I'd just tweak red:

    Red - drop the cost a bit to make it faster. Maybe 8-9 AP? Let it make 1 CD for every team member still alive (no matter the affiliations), on their respective strongest color basic tiles. Those CDs give AP of that color, like 3-4 AP. If the ally has team Cap affiliation, also make his/her CD fortified.

  • RickOShay
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    Just champed him and having lots of fun trying out team combos etc. 
    Have to agree, that his red should cost less, even at 10 it would be a good utility toward gaining the teams strongest AP. Making the CD fortified would greatly increase your chances of this happening, and it would make Cap more viable as a team choice. 
    I completely forgot about one detail on his blue. Destroying 1 random enemy AP -per- friendly special tile can be super useful. I get that it's random, so it may reduce a non-threatening color, but I'm glad it's more than simply 1 AP only, as I had incorrectly recalled.
  • hopper1979
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    I have 10 covers in cap and I leveled him after the rework, I am a big fan of his red and blue, red is fine if you have not better outlets.  He is underrated at this point due to his poor early design.