Giving MTG Arena A Try

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    starfall said:
    I should probably at least install MTG Arena and have a go at it, shouldn't I. If I want to stay connected to MTG, and MTGPQ is going to disrepect me too much for me to do it here, that seems like the logical step to take.
    You should do that anyway!  Arena is very well made so far and I find it a great way to play MTG even though I don't have a local group to play paper with (its also much cheaper to get into than paper).
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    Lol this is a spinoff thread now.

    Well for everyone tuning in late:  Here's my review of MTG Arena


    -It is completely free to play, but has in-app purchases if you want to accumulate cards faster and/or have special graphics and stuff.
    -It is a very well designed way to play paper MTG online, with great graphics, intuitive mechanics, and *ahem* TOTAL CONSISTENCY WITH HOW STUFF WORKS
    -There are a variety of different game modes, with ladder, freeplay, and practice all free to play endlessly
    -There is a simple dupe-avoidance system that works very well.
    -Deckbuilding filters are for the most part very easy to use and let you filter pretty much any way you want to
    -New sets are released the same weekend as they come out in Paper, with every card being adapted and released


    -It is not available on mobile, so you probably can't play it at work or while commuting somewhere.
    -Drafts and special events require in game currency to play, although you can get enough currency to enter fairly quickly with regular games.  Sealed events require premium currency.
    -The Best-of-1 format isn't ideal for most midrange decks, most decks that you will face are either fast aggro or total control.  This gets kind of old after a while.
    -Wildcards take a while to get, but you will usually need a bunch of them to complete a deck.  
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    Arena's pretty great.  Doesn't scratch the same itch that PQ does, but I try to hit my dailies on both when I can.

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    Decided to finally try Arena did the 50 f0r 50 deal..... I'll be spending my money there instead of here now. At least it's Wizards and not this poor excuse for a company puzle quest has.   I'm done spending money on this game.