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I'm copy/pasting this from General Discussion just to put this in the right place, and in the light where other like-minded individuals could comment or appreciate it.  

We've all read topics about how good passives are and how they are pretty much the foundation of what makes a good character.  An always on ability?  Sign us up.

However, we also know how hard it is to fight against these.  Sometimes it becomes frustratingly difficult... the best plans laid to waste by a bad board, or a lucky enemy cascade.  Sure, luck is always a factor, but not even Domino can see you through to success there.

With the new characters being released, we always have room for speculation.  Someone I always wondered about -- how they would work in this MPQ environment -- finally fleshed itself out a bit in my imagination.


He's one of the only characters where you could feasibly give an ability to nullify other abilities, and it would feel right.  But let's color it up a bit...  this is all just speculation.  So lets be civil about it.  After all... what if a dev reads this and likes it?  Could help shape the future.

Theres only one ability I'm concentrating on, so if you can think of two others, go for it.  

Yellow passive ability -  "Nullify"  (come up with another name if youd like)

1 - At the start of the turn, randomly select one enemy team passive ability.   That ability reads as blank text until your next turn.

2 - Same as above.  Also, if your team has 10 or more yellow AP, randomly select a different enemy team ability to read as blank for one turn. (Yes, this doesnt just include passives for this one)

3 - Same as above, but reduce the yellow AP threshold to 8.

4 - Same as above, but reduce the yellow AP threshold to 6.

5 - same as above.  If your team has at least 8 or more purple (or a different color if necessary) AP, randomly select a third enemy ability to read as blank for one turn.

The idea is simple.  Nullify enemy abilities.  This brings nothing on offense, but could stop enemy passives dead.  Kitty buffs, circuit breaker, bishop's defense, thor's thunder, wakanda forever....

The point is to make sure the first ability is a passive nullified.  Sure, if the enemy team has no passives, then this ability would do nothing until you get the yellow (and possibly purple) AP to work with... but if they have no passive, you're probably not bringing Leech along then in this case.

This could be the wrench in most of the meta's plans without actually being more powerful than the meta.  Of course, this all depends on his HP, his star level, and more.  

Anyways, have fun with the idea.  I've always had fun toying with game mechanics in my head, but this one was good enough (IMO) to share.


In the original post, someone mentioned using a stun instead, but a bunch of us a agreed that having a passive stun is a bit much, and normally requires AP.  However, i do agree that a stun could be an active ability on him... something that like for 7 blue AP, stun an opponent for X turns... maybe even the enemy team for a turn as well at rank 5.  Much like 1* BW.

I dont believe Leech should ever be an offensive character... or even defensive.  Just purely support.  And these abilities mentioned could do just that and still disrupt a meta team's plans.