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Spot Open for Marvel Crush 2

Lightning_ManLightning_Man Posts: 72 Match Maker
Casual fun alliance seeks new member.  Minimum commitment is to play daily, be active in alliance events (ultron, Thanos, etc) and have a developed roster (3* into 4* and above).  Come play the game at a relaxed pace!  We always reach the end of every Alliance event, and generally place in the 250 range for PVP and PVE events.  Alliance is Marvel Crush 2.  PM me with name details to be added in. 


  • FendermanFenderman Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    I'm looking for a more productive guild I have all 3* and all but 1 4*. I'm about finished champing 3s and will start on 4s after.  I'm just not happy with my current guild for failing to clear alliance events but dont want to join a guild that requires me to top everything all the time.  I play daily and clear most pve events.  Let me know if you need me.
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