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Okoye nearly champed, but....should I?

AndiTiAndiTi Posts: 88 Match Maker
edited April 2019 in Roster and Level Help
Seems like an odd conundrum, but there we are.

I started in 2017 and I've a single 5* champed roster: Loki. I got far enough in my 4* transition to get my CP/LT game rolling right when he entered LT, and I managed to fully cover him. I was so excited to have a covered 5* I saved the ISO and champed him. I had no concept at the time of the other things it would do to my game.

Right after that I found these forums and started to understand stuff like MMR a bit. So, I held off leveling anyone else over 375 and have focused on 4* transition. I have 34 champed 4* and most others max covered (just waiting for ISO).

Since I am primarily PvE it's been mostly a good thing. Loki isn't fabulous but he's fun. Shadowplay is a big punch in PvE and his resurrection has been a boon many times. Because I don't have any other 5* over 375, PvP is still manageable and I am able to get max progression in SHIELD. For season events I usually am comfortably able to get 900 for the 4 star progression, but only do so if I want the cover. I can't see being more competitive than that in PvP, ever.

But now, after busting my hoard when Kingpin left LTs, through luck and BHs I have Okoye at 6/3/4 and Shuri at 297, so just 3 Shuri covers from being able to champ Okoye. Okoye is currently at 375. The only other 5* I am close to champing is Hela, who is 3/4/5 as of today. Thor (who I know is her natural partner) is 3/1/3, so a ways off.

I'm really excited about getting Okoye max covered, but I'm not sure how badly that will mess with my game if I champ her. Do I just BH Thor and keep on waiting? Or do I go for it and champ her? Appreciate any thoughts the community has. Thanks!


  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,379 Chairperson of the Boards
    PvP: Two champed 5-stars are going to make essential PvP events harder for you because you're going to start seeing the top meta teams - a lot of Thor/Okoye, JJ, Thanos, DD, etc. However, Okoye will make the Sim much easier because a lot of things open up when you have her on roster and can bring two friends. With seven champed 5-stars my main Sim team is Okoye and two 4-stars (XFD & Drax).

    PvE: Okoye is going to allow you to speed up your clears significantly in PvE. I went from a top 50 PvE player to a top 10 PvE player the instant I champed Okoye, running her with Medusa and 3-star Thanos in either SCL 7 or 8.
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