More PVE please.. an idea for the vets and noobs alike

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This concerns PVE only, not PVP, but some of the ideas may work there as well.  I say we should have 2 PVE's running at once, but you can only join 1 of them.  This cuts competition down significantly, so more/better awards for all, but the types of PVE's are where the fun is. 

1. Basic - just a goon/old school based PVE for newer players, underdeveloped rosters, or people with little time.  Rewards will be the progression stuff we have now, plus slightly varied placement rewards, with very little emphasis on placement, so people can build rosters, go after specific chars etc...

2. Available for CL(?) and over.  Advanced PVE.  Many players have full up rosters, with how many chars we may never use? Skip the tiny nodes, 12 essential nodes, whatever they want to throw at us, have some fun with this, essentials change every event, so we can use this giant cast of characters more often, and even find some nifty combos we may never have thought of (heck, with 3*s, we can use 2 required per node).  Rewards for this one will be higher than group 1. Add maybe a 2nd 5* and 4* essential an drop the 2* one or even the 3* ones at this point, this is about diversification.

This way, you are only working on what you need, and you have another choice on how to get it. Need 3*s or 1 cover of a 4*, check out group 1, nice and easy for ya, need champ levels, LT's, 5*s, complete 4*s etc, enter group 2. 

Whatcha think? Tweaks?
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