Why does event determine which cards I draw?

MojoMojo Posts: 44 Just Dropped In
Let me explain.  Regardless of deck make up, I will pull the least advetangeous cards possible as it related to match objective.  Why is this?  Why is it that I get 8 spells in a row when I need a creature.  Or why I get support after support against someone that clears the board every turn.  It is so predictable that it makes me lol at this point.  Can’t be bad luck. Been playing too long and seen it too much to be coincidence.  



  • mrixl2520mrixl2520 Posts: 237 Tile Toppler
    I often feel this way too, but this is something called confirmation bias. Or as I like to call it "The Theory of Red Lights." Ever had one of those days where it feels like all you do is hit is red lights? Typically when you NEED to be somewhere in a hurry? It sucks. However, there are probably just as many days as you cruise through ten green lights, and you don't think about it because it doesn't force you to.

    You've probably played significantly more games where your opening hand is fair and playable and not thought twice about it. Same kind of idea. Best solution is to remember confirmation bias and build in some card draw!
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