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Hi everyone,

I'm a rookie for MPQ. Currently I'm level 24, with 37 recruited rosters and 27 on the waiting list.  However, I don't have enough roster slots keep all the waiting 23 3* and 4 4* heros. 

My current roster is listed below

Waiting list

3* x 23
    The Hood x 3
    Ragnarok x 2
    Iron Man
    The Hulk
    Rocket & Groot
    Star-lord x 3
    Iron fist
    Doctor Octopus
    Captain America
    Kamala Khan

4* x 4
    Elektra x 2
    Agent Coulson
    Howard the duck

I'll sell 1* iron man and storm to get 2 more slots. Including those 2, I have 4 slots. I have to drop the 4 4* since it's too early for me to chase them. Even so, I don't think I can get enough slots to keep all the 23 in few days. 

After checking the suggested roster ranking, it seems that 3* iron man, iron fist, Kamala Khan.

The questions are:

1. Should I focus on champ all the 2*?
2. Among the 3* on hand, who should I keep first?
3. I will get enough HP to buy roster slots as time goes by. Just take time to collect it. Is this correct?

Thanks for your reply. 


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    1. Yes, absolutely. And once you max champ them, if it's not someone you use regularly, sell the finished one off and re-roster them and build them again. If it is someone you use regularly, buy another slot for a dupe. "Farming" your 2* like this is the most reliable source of HP for some time to come. It will pay off in the long run.
    2. I prioritize 3* in a couple of ways: 
    • First off, there's the Big Three. You really, really want Strange, Thanos, and IM40.
    • Then you want all the 3* who have a 2* that gives them covers as champ rewards. You're going to keep getting covers for them, and it's better to use them than just sell them. You're still missing most of those, so Captain America, Hawkguy, Daken, Torch, Storm, Black Widow, Bullseye, Hulk, and Ragnarok should all be on your list to add sooner rather than later.
    • (As an aside, Deadpool is a special case. The first time you win a match with him on your team every day, you earn Deadpool Points, which are going to come in really handy for dealing with tough fights when you get him better covered. This is the only way to earn them, so it's best to have him on hand and use him daily if possible to start building up your stock.)
    • Effectiveness comes next, because your 2* are still going to be doing the heavy lifting for a while, so you don't need to build these up right away. Other than the ones listed previously, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Kamala Khan, Rocket & Groot, Star Lord, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon are the most notable here. Vision is another special case, because he's really good if he's higher level than most of your other characters, but pretty bad if he isn't.
    • Number of covers you have waiting is also a factor worth considering, as is how long you have until the cover expires. A cover for a top tier Character that still has 13 days is lower priority than one of a weaker Character that expires in 2 days.
    • Of the ones on your vine, I would prioritize them roughly as: IM40, Captain America, Kamala Khan, Star Lord (bumped up because 3 covers), Iron Fist, R&G, Storm, Ragnarok, Hulk.
    3. Yes. See the note above about farming 2*. Also, some general tips on resource management:
    • Don't spend HP on anything other than Roster Slots. Later, you'll get caught up, and you'll have HP to spare for buying things from Vaults, shields, whatever. Until then, nothing available for HP is more valuable than Roster space.
    • Don't spend ISO on anything other than leveling characters.
    • Don't spend CP or open Legendary Tokens. You can't afford the Roster space to keep what you're going to get. More generally, don't open Tokens unless you can probably use whoever comes out. Vault Tokens and Standard Tokens are fine, but Heroics and Elites have a substantial chance of giving you someone you can't Roster right now. When you do open them, go until you get a cover you can't use, and then stop until you can Roster that Character.
    • You really only need a single 1*. Your 2* should be capable of handling all the real work, and Juggernaut, Spidey, Iron Man, or even Storm can generally solo the 1* node in DDQ. Maybe still keep 1* BW around if you still use her, because her stun is awesome, but if you're not using her regularly, sell her off.
    • Similarly, you can ditch Bag-man now that Bags to Riches is over. He's only Featured in the one event, that only runs once a year, and covers for him are pretty rare otherwise, and, well, he's pretty bad. He's mostly just a "trophy" character for people who have spare Roster space.
    • Other 3* you have who you could consider selling off for someone higher priority are Angel, Loki, Blade, and Daredevil (except not quite yet, because DD is Featured in the next PvE).
    • Keep a "floating" Roster slot or two for characters who are Featured in a current event. Just Roster one cover to unlock their nodes, and then sell them off the next time you need someone for an event. Check the sneak preview thread in the Events forum to see who will be coming up soon in PvE and DDQ. Leave covers on your vine as long as possible before selling them, in case they come up as needed. Mystique is going to be Featured in whatever PvE comes after Venom Bomb, so she should get one of these at the moment.
    Hope that helps, and have fun!
  • KT4ever
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    Hi Alexis,

    Thanks for your suggestion. It's really useful!  I didn't get the idea of Champing before this and always want to upgrade my roster. Now I get the idea and know what would be the best strategy for the next 3~6 months. Thanks a lot. :)