Elite collection availability

Hi there, with so many different set / packs (https://wiki.mtgpq.info/wiki/Elite_pack_tracking).  Maybe it would be time to give access to more store in the vault. 

I'm counting 23 different packs out there and when you're waiting for one, time might be long before you see it come back.

An easy improvement would be having access to 2 Legacy, 2 Standard and 1 latest,  Packs would rotate faster and every one would be happy.

Or, even better, do something like crafting and make them all available all the time. As we'd only have to choose the store we'd like to spend our hard earned jewels.



  • GabrosinGabrosin Posts: 258 Mover and Shaker
    Maybe these packs don't need to be available for an entire week.  Maybe they could rotate every 72 hours.

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