How do you handle Bishop-Gritty in 4* land?



  • himatako
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    IM40 + Gamora + Shuri
    Not an ideal team to fight BishopGritty but works for me sometimes. You either need to fire IM40 yellow or collect 8 red and fire Shuri's red. After that Gamora's stun will cost only 3 AP, making it very easy to stun lock the whole team. IM40's yellow will be reduced to 3AP as well, so you can keep this going. Though if you're unlucky and can't match many strike tiles to stop Kitty from buffing those tiles, you'll be in a big trouble. 

    Vulture + Gamora + Rogue
    Rogue tanks this team and reduces damage while you're collecting black for Vulture or removing those strike tiles. As soon as Vulture gives you enough blue AP, use Gamora's blue to stun Bishop and targets him. Rogue can also use her green on Rocket and Groot, since it'll seal their blue, and give you 6AP for a single blue match, allowing you to stun lock the other team very easily. With enough red, Rogue can destroy strike tiles or Rocket's green CD as well, so save that for when you really need it.

    Mr. F + MEHulk + Medusa
    This one is basically praying to the God of RNG and hope for the best. There are so many random things happening with this team, starting from the game opening cascade, the random swap each turn, the AP you'll gain from matching enemy strike tiles, and the power that will be fired when you match 4 of the strike tiles. Try to target Bishop only when you're about to match the fourth enemy special tile, and pray that Mr. F fires his own blue power. Matching enemy strike tiles should give you enough blue from Medusa's passive, if you're lucky. 
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    You don't handle them.... Sorry
  • HoundofShadow
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    Are there still players having difficulty handling them in 4* land?